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The Honda CRV Mk IV – Launched!

. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, they say and nothing is more true than in the automotive world where everyone seeks to dethrone the King of the Hill and set themselves up as the benchmark of the segment. And among the many “kings” you find sitting on “Bukit SUV”, the Honda …

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Honda 9th Generation Civic launched – how does it stack up against the 8th Gen?

By now you must have read a ton of articles written about the 9th Gen Civic launch. Similarly, you might have also read a load of protest on its exterior design, boring interior design, hard plastics, old technology, lousy pricing, blah blah blah. If you’ve not seen the car, you …

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Toyota Prius C vs Honda Jazz Hybrid – The battle for the most affordable hybrid

Hybrid is the IN thing nowadays. With global warming making those living in Malaysia feel like they’re in a perpetual sauna with the occasional freak storm thrown in to liven things up, the population is getting more aware of the importance of environment preservation. Of course, having more disposable income …