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The Mercedes-Benz SLC 200 – Basic Necessities

Living in a country where the cost of a vehicle is one of the highest in the world but with the average monthly salary of around USD650, we’re all accustomed to spending a significant amount of our income on a bank loan to own/use a car. To those who earn less, …

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Affordable Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrids? Not anytime soon

Every business have a specific target market to cater to. Whether it’s a Rolex exclusive time piece merchant or a RM17 Quik-cut barber shop, they each target a particular niche. If done right, you’d not only be able to survive, you might thrive and open many branches. Among many of …

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The Keys to Success – Mercedes Benz Malaysia’s Journey to Number 1

The thing about market leaders is that they’re not bound by convention. They are not tethered to past habits nor are they defined by the customs of other followers. Instead, market leaders push the envelop of the established and set new benchmarks in the industry. These leaders do not hold pole …

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Mercedes Benz is the No. 1 Premium Brand in Malaysia for 2016 – here’s how they did it

Despite what they say about the current lukewarm economic climate in Malaysia, it has not stopped Mercedes Benz Malaysia (MBM) from setting another record performance in 2016. Not only have they managed to stay ahead of every other premium brands in our market, they’ve managed to;- top it’s previous record …

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The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe – launched and tested

In time with celebrating the team’s third Formula One constructors’ title, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia proudly presents the all-new C 63 S Coupé, the most powerful V8 model in its segment. “As the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection, the C 63 S Coupé clearly marks the next performance level …

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The truth about automotive media – why some sites will never get media cars and oversea invites

You want to be an auto journalist because you want to drive fancy cars, stay in luxurious hotels, given complimentary First or Business class tickets to exotic places and be the first to test models yet to be launched? Sorry to burst your bubble but that ain’t happening – not …

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Mercedes Benz Malaysia Breaks All Records 1st HALF 2016 – Here’s Why

The folks at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) are on a roll. They’ve just completed the first half of 2016 with another record-breaking performance. Delivering a total of 6,017 cars to customers in the six-month period ended June 2016, the premium German marque registered double digit growth of 17 per cent compared …