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BRIEF TEST DRIVE REVIEW: AXIA – Perodua’s tenth wonder

  BRIEF TEST DRIVE REVIEW: AXIA – Perodua’s tenth wonder 65,000 units sold and still counting. Such numbers illustrate how successful the Perodua Axia has been since it was launched in August 2014. In this brief test drive review, yours truly tested an example of a Silver Standard G trim …

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The KL International Motor Show 2013 – Finally a show worth going for

. By now you would probably have come across gigabytes worth of electronic pages on a slew of new vehicle launches at KLIMS 2013 so I’m not going to bore you with the details (if not, then check out or latest updates). I’m just going to ‘sell’ you …

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What’s this thing about Perodua issuing recalls for Myvis?

Earlier this week, the Malaysian Reserve paper reports that the car might be recalled in the near future to fix certain issues relating to the drive shaft (article found HERE). Perodua has since denied that there will be such a recall saying they suspended production only for a day after …