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Did Proton cheat in ASEAN NCAP safety test?

Two days ago, we were rocked by a revelation from ASEAN NCAP stating they have received complaints from consumer on violation of safety specification in one of their tested vehicles. It is said that a top tether fitment has been removed from a locally made car, which is vital to …

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Welcome to the world of GST – Car prices pre and post-GST

Everyone says Goods and Service Tax is good. While it is increasing the coffers of the country for the country is good, the implications of it will be keenly felt in the coming few months. One of the hottest topics that gets asked is will car prices be lower or higher …

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Proton Suprima S Standard Launched – Too little too late?

By Travis Chang   More than a year after the Suprima S was launched, Proton’s supposed “game changer” is still barely a game changer as seen on our roads and car parks. Launched last year, the Suprima S was criticized for its ambitious pricing, with both Executive and Premium variants …

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Proton Problems – Waking up to R E A L I T Y

. The local automotive scene has been abuzz with Proton late and it’s not all good news. It all started with Proton’s chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil expressing his disappointment to the Business Times, saying Malaysians are not supporting Proton, a product made from our national pride. Comparing against the …

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The new Proton Suprima S – Tried and Tested

. It’s been hot in the automotive circle in Malaysia where a slew of hot hatchbacks are launched within a span of weeks from each other. From Mercedes, we have the A200/A250, Volvo with the V40, Volkswagen offers the Golf GTi to spice things up ….. but they all pale …

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Proton Prevé – The Proving Point for Proton

The new Prevé has been the talk of most Malaysians these days. You’d think that with Proton being around for almost 30 years, there isn’t much you’ve not seen but the Prevé (pronounced as Prae-Vae) really do represent a few milestones for the national car maker:- 1) First true global …