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Paint correction – how to make your car paint look expensively gorgeous!

Recently I repainted my 7-year old Skoda and wrote an article on how to evaluate the quality of the work based on the price you paid. The end result was a paint job that:- Had moderate shrinkage that caused hazy reflections Had a clearcoat that is soft, thereby making it …

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Skoda Malaysia: The untapped potential

In the recent months after acquiring the Octavia (read about it here:)   it amuses me when listening to friends and family around me comment about the car and the brand. The reactions range from a blank stare to guessing it being a Russian car. We have to …

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The Skoda Octavia: An owner’s perspective

Here’s a piece of something I wrote in another public automotive forum and just wanted to share it here: After many months of searching for a replacement for my Peugeot 308T, I had finally settled on a Skoda Octavia (made 2006, registered 2008 so effectively it’s a 4 year OTR …