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The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe – launched and tested

In time with celebrating the team’s third Formula One constructors’ title, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia proudly presents the all-new C 63 S Coupé, the most powerful V8 model in its segment. “As the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection, the C 63 S Coupé clearly marks the next performance level …


Used car dealers – on the road to extinction?

A couple of days back, I came across an article published by FreeMalaysiaToday about used car dealers facing tough times. In the article, the first 4 paragraphs illustrates how bad it is by quoting ONE second hand car dealer, then the rest of the article quoted ONE editor from ONE automotive related …

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Turbodiesel engines – the Mazda 6 SKYACTIV-D vs Peugeot 508 GT

For the longest time ever, we’ve been stuck with Euro 2 diesels and people have associated it with something fit only for lorries, trucks and buses due to its high emission of harmful exhaust gases (read: black smoke). It’s only been a year since Euro 5 diesel been made available in …

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Malaysia Day Special – How to build Value with low investments: Go Auto Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (GAM)

One word; leverage. Everyone appreciates quality and the general consensus is the more you pay for something, the better the quality. It is only natural that we are wary of anything that professes quality but costing a fraction of what we perceive to be of fair value.  The thing about Malaysians …

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The Mazda 2 SkyActiv-D Sedan – great things come in small packages

When Singapore introduced stricter emission standards in 2015, Euro 5 Diesel has been made available to a number of petrol stations.  This new development has allowed many automotive brand to explore the option of introducing their range of cleaner diesel engines without jeopardizing its performance and longevity and motorist need not resort to just pick-up …

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The new Ford Focus Sport+ – The Best hatchback under RM150k

Paradigm shift is defined as major changes in how some processes (including thought processes) are accomplished. My paradigm was shifted by something called rotan when I was young. There is no better instrument in – ‘motivating’ someone to conform to a certain thought process (ie Shut up and eat your vegetables). …

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Volkswagen Group restructures local subsidiary, VGM – UPDATED 1 SEPT 2016

It has been reported recently that Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) has brought in Porsche Holdings Salzburg to improve the current situation in Malaysia, that is to say the brand’s reputation is in tatters, sales numbers are not going anywhere without huge discounts that cut into profits while owners remaining disillusioned …