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Volkswagen Malaysia 5-years Mobility Guarantee – NO MORE!

Have you seen Volkswagen Malaysia’s Mobility Guarantee page in their Official Website? Seems that they’ve just added a new clause within the contract that states the 5-years Mobility Guarantee is “Not Applicable for Volkswagen cars purchased before 2009 or after 1st January 2016. Terms and conditions apply” If your car …

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The Maxis PR issue and what car companies can learn from it

Yesterday at 8:30pm, Maxis’s official Facebook page admins posted this update:- You may have read of an exaggerated Maxis save offer in the forum that has been circulating recently when it was first posted on 9 March 2016. We just want to say that this save offer does not exist …

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The new Kia Sorento – launching in May 2016

Here’s something we heard; the new Kia Sorento will be launching in a couple of month’s time and this is one vehicle I’ve been looking forward to. Kia’s largest SUV has won many accolades including Australia’s Car of The Year 2015 and was introduced in Singapore last year. We were expecting …

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I left my camera in an Uber ride today ….

How on earth can you leave a whole camera bag in someone else’s car without realising? I’ll come to that in a bit. But first, I must say it’s not often that I take Uber since I’m a strong advocate of using honest taxies but I didn’t carry enough cash and …

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My New Proton brand versus VW Always By Your Side?

Ownership Experience – something intangible that makes or breaks a brand. If it’s rotten, it’s like cancer – starts off with a few unhappy customers whose number steadily build until you wake up one day and see shitty reviews about your brand everywhere. By then, the company would try to execute …

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An update on Proton – assimilation of Suzuki Malaysia and blaming banks?

If opinions are like assholes where everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks, we should really consider what Proton does to us; it never fails to bring out the best and worse of us. Couple of days back, two issues were highlighted by the media and everyone went into a …

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The new Subaru XV facelift – launched

<Press Release>   Motor Image Malaysia, the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in Malaysia, today launched the new MY16 Subaru XV offering improved aesthetics, enhanced features and an optimised powertrain to deliver a more enjoyable driving experience for its customers. The new MY16 Subaru XV aims to build on the previous …