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The BMW 118i M Sport – A worthy introduction

I get asked often whether is it rewarding being an automotive journalist/writer.  It is if you truly have a passion for automotive you can work under conditions that has words like “short schedule”, “jet lag” and “low pay” Well, ‘low-pay’ is relative. Assuming that your writing prowess is of acceptable …

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The Mercedes-Benz SLC 200 – Basic Necessities

Living in a country where the cost of a vehicle is one of the highest in the world but with the average monthly salary of around USD650, we’re all accustomed to spending a significant amount of our income on a bank loan to own/use a car. To those who earn less, …

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The new Honda Civic – Riding the Dream

Anyone in business will tell you there’s no sure way to win in an open market where there are competitors offering similar solutions. It makes sense for companies to minimize this risk by understanding customer’s needs and wants as much as possible. Analyzing consumer buying behavior, conducting surveys and consumer …

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The KIA Grand Carnival and the KIA Sorento Diesel – People movers

People buy or subscribe to a product or service because of a specific need and one of the dumbest thing a seller can do is to define that need for the customer. Trust me, you don’t know my problems better than me. For instance if I want an iPhone, you …

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The new Proton Perdana – Love the looks, like the drive

There are some meals that are sophisticated with layers and layers of exquisite taste that if you were interested to dissect what goes into the dish, you need more than a couple of mouthful to tell. And then there are those where one bite is all you’ll ever need to …

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The Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI – Dare you?

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room – the Volkswagen branding has seen better days. Since 2013, there has been VW owners complaining about various issues with their VW ownership experience. Among them are poor after sales service, vehicle reliability issues, problematic insurance-based warranty claims and those who follow …

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The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid – Designed for the next Millenium

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials – they’re all cohorts of people born within a certain demographic period. We call them generations and they are defined as a difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics, or values. Among the various generations, the Millennials seem to be in the …