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The GWM M4 Automatic – Not your everyday SUV

For as long as I can remember, we’ve always been complaining about our national cars. Because of them, car prices are high. Because of higher car prices, most of us don’t have any other option but to get the lower priced national cars. Because of this monopolistic approach in the …

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The new Kia Optima K5 vs the new Hyundai Sonata – Casual or Formal?

It wasn’t too long ago that one needs a proper set of suit and tie to host a keynote presentation to customers and other stakeholders. But with the advent of young creative yet highly valuable companies, its not surprising to see a CEO stepping on stage attired in T-shirt and …

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The Hyundai Veloster Turbo Reviewed

There aren’t many cars that pits styling as its main proposition largely because aesthetics are always subjective and different geographic cultures have vastly differing preferences and opinions on what’s pretty and what’s not. Which is why for a company like Hyundai to birth a vehicle like the Veloster is a …

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The new Citroen Grand C4 Picasso – The Whole World in Your Car

They say that technology exists to make life easier. That we can be more productive, more efficient and it will improve quality of life. Technology is the sum of human achievement and if you were to ask what is the greatest amount of technology one can own if one has a budget …

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The new Cerato Koup – Turbo comes to Malaysia!

Korean cars have suffered the stigma of being undesirable, unreliable, fuel thirsty and generally as functional as used sanitary pads. And it’s a universal joke shared across the globe and is a general consensus even among Malaysians. This changed with the introduction of the Forte back in 2009 where it’s …

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The all-new Peugeot 308 THP – All New Driving Sensations

Stop a moment and take a look at the very device you’re using now to read this. Amazing, isn’t it? Whether it’s a touchscreen smart phone, a tablet as thin as a pencil or a quadcore computer running at speeds unimaginable a decade ago, you hold a piece of technology that’s …

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BRIEF TEST DRIVE REVIEW: AXIA – Perodua’s tenth wonder

  BRIEF TEST DRIVE REVIEW: AXIA – Perodua’s tenth wonder 65,000 units sold and still counting. Such numbers illustrate how successful the Perodua Axia has been since it was launched in August 2014. In this brief test drive review, yours truly tested an example of a Silver Standard G trim …