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The new Ford Ranger – Just as Tough & Smarter now

Let me start by saying that I’ve not been a fan of 4×4. Sure, I appreciate the height and the go-anywhere-anytime attitude of a it but coming from a guy who’s accustomed to sitting closer to the center of gravity and making use of it at corners, the pick up …

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The 7-seater SUV shootout: Hyundai Santa Fe vs Nissan X-trail vs Kia Sorento

Moving seven persons in one vehicle isn’t difficult with the myriad MPV choices in the market, starting with the budget Toyota Avanza. If you remove MPV from the equation (well, bosses don’t drive soccer-mum vehicles to the office), there’s very little to choose from if you want an SUV that …

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Electric Vehicle Face off: Nissan Leaf vs Renault Zoe

Whenever a new model is introduced, people staying in different geographical areas devise different means of testing said model. Long before any consumer reports were introduced, folks in the Klang Valley have conceived its own unique way of determining performance and reliability. Due to its close proximity to Genting Highlands, the …

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Continental Face off : Ford Mondeo vs Peugeot 508 GT

Let’s begin by addressing the obvious; if this is a continental D-segment shootout, why isn’t the Volkswagen Passat here? Two reasons; there has been no significant updates in the VW other than it’s now a CKD and secondly, these two command a price level closer to an entry level BMW …

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The GWM M4 Automatic – Not your everyday SUV

For as long as I can remember, we’ve always been complaining about our national cars. Because of them, car prices are high. Because of higher car prices, most of us don’t have any other option but to get the lower priced national cars. Because of this monopolistic approach in the …

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The new Kia Optima K5 vs the new Hyundai Sonata – Casual or Formal?

It wasn’t too long ago that one needs a proper set of suit and tie to host a keynote presentation to customers and other stakeholders. But with the advent of young creative yet highly valuable companies, its not surprising to see a CEO stepping on stage attired in T-shirt and …

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The Hyundai Veloster Turbo Reviewed

There aren’t many cars that pits styling as its main proposition largely because aesthetics are always subjective and different geographic cultures have vastly differing preferences and opinions on what’s pretty and what’s not. Which is why for a company like Hyundai to birth a vehicle like the Veloster is a …