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Service Centres – All you need to know about out-of-stock scenarios and how to protect yourself

If you’ve owned certain continental brands that require parts replacement, you may have been given the sorry-no-stock answer from authorized service centres (SC). If you’re lucky, the SC have parts in-house and the repair can be carried out immediately (assuming they have sufficient manpower and service bays). If you’re a little …

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The new Honda Civic – Riding the Dream

Anyone in business will tell you there’s no sure way to win in an open market where there are competitors offering similar solutions. It makes sense for companies to minimize this risk by understanding customer’s needs and wants as much as possible. Analyzing consumer buying behavior, conducting surveys and consumer …

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The KIA Grand Carnival and the KIA Sorento Diesel – People movers

People buy or subscribe to a product or service because of a specific need and one of the dumbest thing a seller can do is to define that need for the customer. Trust me, you don’t know my problems better than me. For instance if I want an iPhone, you …

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Vehicle tinting – what you need to know

If we define automotive modification as the act of changing some aspect of the vehicle’s characteristic until is not longer the same as when it first rolled out of the showroom, then the one ‘mod’ we can all agree we’d do almost immediately is adding vehicle tints. Let’s face it, in …

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Vehicle ownership transfer – what you need to know when selling your own car in Malaysia

As some of you know, I’ve recently sold my trusty 2006/2008 Skoda Octavia Mk II in favor of a bigger vehicle. The Czech-made sedan has been a joy to own and drive  but it was time to move on to something bigger. Call it fate but within the span of a …

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The new Proton Perdana – Love the looks, like the drive

There are some meals that are sophisticated with layers and layers of exquisite taste that if you were interested to dissect what goes into the dish, you need more than a couple of mouthful to tell. And then there are those where one bite is all you’ll ever need to …

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Affordable Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrids? Not anytime soon

Every business have a specific target market to cater to. Whether it’s a Rolex exclusive time piece merchant or a RM17 Quik-cut barber shop, they each target a particular niche. If done right, you’d not only be able to survive, you might thrive and open many branches. Among many of …