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The all-new KIA Sorento – Confidence Inspiring

The thing about 7-seaters is this; regardless whether you’re single or married with a volleyball-team number of kids, you will always find a need for a large vehicle during festive ‘balik kampung’ season. Aunties and uncles may be impressed with that cousin that drove home a luxury 2-door coupe but …

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The all-new Proton Persona – Test Drive Review

“It’s a Proton. What did you expect?” Sounds familiar? We hear that all the time from friends, colleagues, relatives even service center staffs themselves, usually uttered in a disparaging manner. Power window got problem? Proton mah Door handle break? Proton mah Panels got gap? Proton mah Too many Ah Bengs …

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Turbodiesel engines – the Mazda 6 SKYACTIV-D vs Peugeot 508 GT

For the longest time ever, we’ve been stuck with Euro 2 diesels and people have associated it with something fit only for lorries, trucks and buses due to its high emission of harmful exhaust gases (read: black smoke). It’s only been a year since Euro 5 diesel been made available in …

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The Mazda 2 SkyActiv-D Sedan – great things come in small packages

When Singapore introduced stricter emission standards in 2015, Euro 5 Diesel has been made available to a number of petrol stations.  This new development has allowed many automotive brand to explore the option of introducing their range of cleaner diesel engines without jeopardizing its performance and longevity and motorist need not resort to just pick-up …

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The new Ford Focus Sport+ – The Best hatchback under RM150k

Paradigm shift is defined as major changes in how some processes (including thought processes) are accomplished. My paradigm was shifted by something called rotan when I was young. There is no better instrument in – ‘motivating’ someone to conform to a certain thought process (ie Shut up and eat your vegetables). …

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The Hyundai Tucson – An epitome of Korean innovation and progress

Korean automotive brands has managed to establish a positive reputation today yet their people are not letting their guard down. They know that in the technology race, Japan isn’t out and tailing close behind is China who has taken the Korean’s place in trying to gain a foothold in the …

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The new Proton Perdana – first impressions

The 4th generation Proton Perdana has been launched and one of the more interesting question (I found) in the press conference  that was asked by the members of the media was, “why is it a 4th generation?”. First there was the 2.0litre NA Perdana. Then came the V6. Then came the …